MacQueen Bros Ltd are part of the Simply Shredding Network and offer secure document destruction. Our uniformed staff can collect documents for shredding from your home, company or charity.

  • One off or regular shredding.
  • Documents shredded locally at our premises in Oban.
  • Certificate of destruction upon completion of shredding.
  • All our shredding staff are security vetted.

Domestic Document Shredding

Whether you are moving home or just having a clear out, we can supply shredding bags and perform a one-time only collection.

Business Document Shredding

We offer three levels of service to any business no matter what size they are. These range from supplying shredding bags to delivering in wheelie bins or installing office consoles. We are happy to perform a one-time only collection of old records or provide a regular shredding service


Our shredded paper is compacted into mill size bales. Paper can then be transported in this form to the nearest mill where the recycling process can commence. On average a piece of paper can be recycled around 7 times before it turns into a wet paste and can no longer be recycled any further. At the mill the paper is mixed with water and chemicals to break it down. After being chopped and heated it is reduced into a slurry, strained to remove any glues, bleached and mixed with more water before it can be turned back into a new piece of paper.

For more information of this service please call Tel: 01631 564848.